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IWC is a family owned health and beauty company that focuses on purity and quality. We harness the profound power of black seed oil to bring you a range of products designed to naturally heal you on the inside and out. We create therapies we personally use and recommend to our friends and family. Experience the difference of using products from people who care. Click the button below and view our products.

History Of The “Miracle Seed”

Black seed oil is a remarkable substance that has been used by some of the most influential and powerful people in ancient history and has been used therapeutically for over 3,000 years in eastern parts of the world.

It was placed in the tomb of King Tut to assist him in the afterlife. It was the hair, nails and skin treatment for Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti. Hippocrates (the father of western medicine) would use it to treat multiple symptoms and conditions, and the Prophet Muhammad hailed it to be “a remedy for every illness except death.”

It’s currently used by practitioners of Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicines to treat nearly every medical condition known from headaches and skin disorders to heart disease and cancer.

The healing power of this oil is astonishing.

This oil is made from Black Cumin, also known as (Nigella Sativa)  which is an annual flowering plant in the buttercup family “Ranunculaceae” which is native to south and southwest Asia. Black cumin seeds are dark, thin, and crescent-shaped when whole and their oil can be extracted to produce a natural therapy that is shaking the foundation of western medicine.

Only recently has the western world started to learn about the unique power contained within these seeds and their oil. We at International Wellness Concepts are happy to bring you the purest form of this oil in multiple products to help you live a truly healthy life.

The Science Behind The Black Seed

Packed with over 100 chemical compounds, it’s no surprise black seed oil could be the most powerful healing herb in existence with proven clinical effectiveness.

This oil contains: crystalline nigellone, beta sitosterol, myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, proteins and vitamins B1, B2 and B3, calcium, folic acid, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorous and the compound that is currently getting heavy medical attention thymoquinone.

Below you can view studies showing the incredible power of this oil.

Heart Attacks

This study shows black seed offering protection against heart attack damage and boosting overall heart health.


This study shows the black seed compound thymoquinone causing cell death in leukemia cells.

Colon Cancer

This study shows black seed was able to fight colon cancer in rats successfully with no observable side effects.

High blood pressure

This study shows black seed extract caused a significant decrease in LDL cholesterol and blood pressure.

Cervical Cancer

This study shows thymoquinone triggered cell death, slowed cancer progression and stop the spread of the cancer.

Radiation Damage

This study shows thymoquinone has been found to protect brain tissue from radiation-induced damage.

Weight Loss

This study shows black seed was one the most effective natural weight loss remedies on earth.


This study shows black seed was able to increase epidermal thickness and soothe psorisas eruptions.

Type 2 diabetes

This study shows black seed reduced blood sugar, decreased insulin resistance and increased beta-cell function.

Brain Cancer

This study shows thymoquinone from black caused cell death in Glioblastoma brain tumor cells.

Parkinson’s Disease

This study shows black seed  protecting neurons from toxicity associated with Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

Morphine Addiction

This study shows black seed reduced the indications of morphine intoxication, tolerance, and addiction in opiate addicts.

Protection Against Chemical Weapons

This study shows black seed reduced the symptoms of chemical weapons exposure and the need for drug treatment.

Skin Care

This study shows black seed was just as effective as the skin cream a prescription drug in decreasing severity of eczema.

"As far as the blood pressure is concerned, the systolic number has come down an average of 30 points. Once it's been at 100 for a week, the doc said we can decrease the BP med - hopefully, wean off it, in time.

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When it comes to what goes in your body, quality matters. We use only the purest ingredients and all of our products are halal, kosher, made in America and sold exclusively through Amazon.com

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